Men's Kit 2: The Campaign

This season’s campaign highlights two born-and-bred New Yorkers, Rog Walker and Sebastião Hungerbühler. Two creatives from the New York community, captured in their own environment, bring the collection to life with unique perspective and purposeful function.

The enigmatic qualities of each man is unified by the Men’s Kit 2 F/W Collection: a versatile wardrobe that is adaptable to different
personalities and contexts. Enter Walker and Hungerbühler’s minds as they walk us through a sensory experience, illustrating the world through their memories and feelings.


Rog Walker

Commercial artist from Jamaica (West Indies) living in New York.


I view the world through the lens of stories and storytelling. I’m always looking for the narratives and beliefs behind the things I see and people I encounter.

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Sebastião Hungerbühler

Designer from New York living in Brooklyn.


I’m a first-generation American, born and raised in NYC to a German mother and a Swiss-Korean father. I owe my lens to my upbringing.

Photographer: Pegah Farahmand
Grooming: Wakana Ichikawa

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