Pre- Spring 24

I love the focused aesthetic of uniforms, but how would a gallerist subvert and express this idea of self-induced rigidity? 

- Phillip Lim

Look 1

Look 2

Pre-Spring ’24 examines the enigmatic style of the gallerist in New York City. She is the unassuming broker of zeitgeist, the art maiden that always has her finger on the pulse of artists and culture. Her wardrobe reflects both creativity and codes of classicism - but always punctuated with subversion. It is versatile and pragmatic, layered but effortless, rife with endless possibilities.

The uniform ‘re-contextualized’ – instead of the seriousness of fashion uniforms, it felt more current to approach a wardrobe with khakis, button downs and denim, undoing the heaviness of fashion to reveal an easiness; studied cool that is the gallerist aesthetic.

Photographed by Jai Odell with styling by Melissa Levy, hair by Sabrina Szinay, makeup by Rei Tajima, and jewelry by DÉVÉ.

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