A New York Uniform

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023

"The Spring / Summer '24 collection draws inspiration from our brand's love story with the ever-evolving tapestry of New York. Marking our return to the runway, the collection's narrative mirrors that of countless individuals who arrived in this land with hearts filled with hope and open to the city's myriad of influences."


Creative Director: Phillip Lim
Styling: Melissa Levy
Jewelry: Ariana Boussard-Reifel for 3.1 Phillip Lim
Hair: Mustafa Ayanaz with Dyson, Kevin Murphy
Makeup: Diane Kendal with INTO YOU Cosmetics, Matter of Fact
Nails: Paintbox Nails
Casting: The Secret Gallery
Music: Sebastien Perrin
Production: IMG Focus
Sunglasses: Gentle Monster
Gloves: Daniel Storto
Undergarments: Intimissimi
Socks: Calzedonia

The Collection

Photography: But Sou Lai

The transparent first looks pay homage to fresh-faced optimism: vulnerability, hope, and limitless first layers in both dress and mindset.

Just as the city shapes its inhabitants, so too does our collection evolve. From custom signature ‘NY’ initials and apple-heart pendants to modernist assemblage of hoop earrings, hand sculpted by Ariana Boussard-Reifel, the diverse and multifaceted nature of New York becomes a transformative force, infusing individuals with a vibrancy that inspires them to experiment and express themselves in novel ways using clothes as a vehicle for joy.

Gradually, their own New York identity crystallizes, and they find a unique uniform derived from lived and shared experiences that not only suits them but is etched with the inimitable signatures of this city allowing us all to cement our footing and eventually call New York home.

Can I See Your ID?

Our ID family of bags evolves into new iterations of our classic, ageless silhouettes.

The Show Space

Overlooking the Manhattan Bridge and historic Bowery in Chinatown, the Spring/Summer 2024 set pulls inspiration from the city and the community we celebrate. Models entered and exited scaffolding draped in voile, stepping into light inspired by an afternoon walk in Columbus Park.

An original score composed by long-time collaborator Sebastien Perrin took attendees through a cinematic journey of hope and perseverance, punctuated with field recordings of New York City's everyday life.

Set Video: Tyler Pakstis
Set & Environmental Photography: Mahmoud Mfinanga

The Looks

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