Pre-Fall 2023

“When people speak of that ‘New York City energy’, it is about the vibration that comes from our collective hope. We live through everyday in her unfiltered reality, seeking the possibilities of our wildest, most disparate dreams, perennially fueled by the type of hope that only NYC can spring.”

- Phillip Lim

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Look 1

The muse for Pre Fall 2023 is our home, New York City. An 18-year journey built on hope, heart and a fighting spirit that continues from within. The city of skyscrapers, subways and cantankerous drivers honking through mysterious fumes that engulf us while we chase our dreams. An ever revolving door of scenes to the changing of the seasons, restless flow of social unrest and justice-seeking protests to surviving a pandemic, this city continues to serve as our muse. Our hopeful resilience ignited by the city of dreams.

Photographed by Jai Odell with styling by Melissa Levy, hair by Sabrina Szinay, and makeup by Allie Smith.

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