Pre-Spring 2025

Everything we do begins with a simple desire. It’s innate, spontaneous, always curious. We work
with what we have and follow our instinct, letting it grow into something we love.


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Pre-Spring 2025 is a transitional wardrobe for the modern global woman – a myriad of beautiful
layers, needs, wants, and intrigue – all ultimately celebrating in the delight of self-expression.

This is a reflection moment as we approach our twenty year milestone. As such,
this collection is an instinctual mix of intimacy underscored by our devotion to pragmatism and
play. Recentering of the core tenets at 3.1 in its constant dualities, modernity, and building up to

Pre-Spring 2025 is boundless and borderless, an uncompromised pursuit of leisure and joy within
the 3.1 woman’s unique, layered life. She is truly the modern global citizen that defines romancing

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What's New in ID

Our new forever, the ID Bag. An ageless icons inspired by classic ID bracelets worn personally by Phillip Lim.