3.1 Sustainable Balance

Our Commitment 

We are committed to the process of building a sustainable future. We have been on this journey for 16 years and the work is never done. Our sustainability mission isn’t singular, it’s about the power of collective action and the steps to re-balancing our footprint and impact. We live by the mantra of make less, mean more. Our 3.1 sustainable balance is comprised of small, simple actions that continuously add up to larger shifts and change. As we approach each season, it’s important to relook at processes from sourcing to production, to ensure that the most responsible materials and resources are chosen.

The Process

Each collection, 3.1 has continuously scaled our use of recycled and second-generation fabrics. While it’s impossible to be 100% sustainable, we aim to get as close to nature as possible. We constantly tighten up our process, we replace new with second-generation materials wherever possible and design with circularity in mind.

What It Takes

Sustainability takes imagination, resourcefulness and collaboration. The challenge we face is to create newness that the 3.1 global citizen craves, with mindful resources, into pieces that are treasured beyond a season or a singular moment in time.

We’re committed to collaborate with like-minded brands that share our values and the promise of positive change for our planet’s future.


There is always more work to be done. We can always be better. We will get there, together.

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